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Residential Service Plans

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Your home and family are likely your most prized possessions and we want to ensure they are kept safe and healthy, some insects and rodents might be vectors to pathogens which cause diseases and allergies. Pest infestations are usually found on the interior because of conducive conditions on the exterior. Daystar has a residential service plan: the DAYSTAR SHIELD which starts with a thorough inspection to discover pest harborage, breeding potential and structural situations that enhance pest activity, then a careful interior and exterior application is done, to flush out indwelling pests, establish an exterior perimeter around your property, reduce breedind potential and prevent reinfestation.We also make structural recommendations and perform minor exclusion services.Different seasons of the year have their peculiar pest activities, so we suggest our year round DAYSTAR SHIELD offering monthly, bimonthly and quarterly services, based on your particular needs and environment for continuous protection of your family and property.

SHIELD Monthly Service Plan

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SHIELD Bimonthly Service Plan

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The Daystar Shield bimonthly service is a plan where our technician comes out to treat the perimeter six times a year, a unique feature of this is you do not have to be home, hence avoiding scheduling conflicts. The interior does not need to be sprayed, because we have nipped the problem in the bud with our preventive services. We will treat the interior when necessary to keep your family and home safe. Based on the unique features of the home and family, the quarterly service is also available.
SHIELD Quarterly Service Plan

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